Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Package from Grandma and Grandpa

We love getting our holiday packages from my parents. The halloween box is great. I love the battery-operated tealights, mom! My favorite!! Also her quiet book for church was perfect.

Aubrey's favorite goodie bag was filled with rainbow goldfish crackers. She had a ball.
"What a good mommy." We always say that when she's treating her babies sweetly.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday 25th Jeremiah!

Here's to all the Sonic the Hedgehog, walks to the Community College library, and shared favorite SNL clips. Thanks for being a great brother. Love you, "Joe."

Singing in the rain

This was about a week or two ago. It was raining and Aubrey was begging me to go "ahside." So outside she went with a couple layers on. She would have played all day out there in the rain. She loved it.

Surprisingly, we got quite a bit of rain coming through the upstairs porch. No neighbors living there now. We like it that way. :)

"Hey, Aubrey. Look this way for a picture!"

"No, over here. Look this way, Aubrey."

*me making crazy sounds to make her look up* "Look at Mommy, Aubrey!" Sigh. Apparently pulling jalapeno peppers off the bushes are more exciting than taking pictures. Don't worry, I took them away from her. Otherwise, what would I feed her for breakfast tomorrow?!

Gotta love her!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

We have a new little one

Okay, so it's not a baby! It's a goodwill find! I need a night stand. Well, I need a better one. After reading some blogs on the subject, I decided to refinish this puppy.
Tools. Alright, SOME of the tools.Primer. Welcome to my backyard. I think it's a .000012 acre. Perfect size for small painting projects! Think of what I will paint in a real backyard...ahhh, dreams.In progress...
Is it odd that I find myself wandering outside to lovingly caress the smooth surface check on it every couple of hours? I think my kitchenaid mixer is jealous.

More coming soon... Want to try it? Here is a tutorial (I am not following this one exactly- but very inspired by it!).

"I thought you were watching her." "Well, I thought you were watching her."

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin Farm

We spent Columbus day together as a family. First we went to a great Indian restaurant and enjoyed their lunch buffet. Ryan and I LOVE indian food. It's just chicken, rice and bread a little spicy and saucy. Everything was amazing (stop making gagging sounds Marc!).

Aubrey chilled in her stoller.

Aubrey cracks up over Ryan's drivers license picture. It was not a flattering one either.
Necessary Mom-in-picture pic.Puppies and elephant all packed and ready to go.I don't know who likes getting out of the car more.
It's amazing the variety of gourds, pumpkins and squash. I loved this display. Different chickens, turkeys and ducks to see.With a random pig thrown in every once in a while. Aubrey knows what a pig says and she made sure we knew too!She stopped... Poor brown pigeon. Forgive me for letting my toddler have at you. It was too cute and my blog needs pictures."Where did that brown feathery tweet-tweet go?" The golden pumpkin has been chosen!..and put back...and chosen!...and put back...Aubrey could never decide. So we left empty-handed. A lot like my clothes-shopping habits. Right, honey!??

It was a good day. I love that sweet face.

Hi Mom! *waving*

I just got off the phone with my mom. After telling her about some of the finished projects around here she exclaimed "You have to blog them!" So sorry if this is boring to any of you. This one's for my mom. :)

Also it's a little late (10:56pm) and I'm not tired. It could be the open package of M&M's sitting next to me, but I digress.

TANGENT ALERT! Why is it when you are eating both plain and peanut M&Ms out of a bag - you feel a little disappointed to get a plain M&M instead of a delicious peanut M&M. However, when there are plain M&Ms in your chocolate chip cookies - you jump for joy!? And if you were to have a peanut M&M chocolate Chip cookie - you would look at it feeling overwhelmed about the big boulders in your cookies?

*rustles in M&M bag* Ugh. Plain.

Back to my post!
Below is a picture from Pottery Barn kids. I love this room. Especially the curtains! But, I did not have $59.00 plus shipping for them. So I did what every blog copier does...
I saw it. I wanted it. I copied it.

BEFORE: This is the charming window treatment gracing Aubrey's window as of late. It is a tan fleece blanket hanging onto the pole for dear life. I had to keep the light out of her room somehow!...

MORE BEFORE: Or maybe I was just hiding this beautiful disappointment of a sheer curtain-thing. Yes, I can make bread from scratch and sing soprano (kinda)...but I cannot measure windows.

AFTER: Finally! I found some light green fabric on sale at Joann's for $3/yard and a Blackout Panel from Big Lots for $10.00. Total cost: $20.00.
I now just let them hang like in the PB picture. I'm not sure about the pink ties.
I hear some snickering from lurkers. What? Your daughter doesn't have an electronic drum set in her room?

Also, Mom. (You're still here, right mom?) Here is the wall finished with the frames. Vinyl from Joann's (where else?). Just need some other things to fill in the white spaces. Will work on that.
Finally, if my 23 month old niece, Lily, learns how to navigate the computer and suddenly happens to come across my blog - I apologize in advance for spoiling your birthday present! Just wanted Grandma to see the reversible jumper I made for you.

That's it! Love you, mom!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Aubrey's first blog post

Aubrey: Hi, everyone. I wanted to introduce you to my good friend, Holly. She is two days younger than me and loves to play with blocks, watch Elmo and share my stoller. She's the best friend ever! Are you getting all this written down, mom? Ok.
Aubrey: Whellp, that about does it.Aubrey: See you guys later.
Aubrey: MOM!!! NO MORE PICTURES!! This interview is over!!
Holly: Can I go home now?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tabletop Runner: Finished

Nice to start and finish my first quilting project. Here the binding is complete. I love it. Thanks Camille for the great inspiration!

Uh oh...

Someone in our house has the crafty bug. Many visits to Joanns, late nights with chocolate, an invaded dining room table and a very patient husband and daughter.

Learning to quilt a tabletop runner. Want to make your own? Go here

Just need to finish the binding. I made this in one night! I love the harvest colors, they were a charm pack at Joanns named "Carnival" by Fabric Central. The squares were already cut out. I love quilting. Thanks mom for the great sewing machine! I love it.
Butterfly shoes for a newborn babe. I was hesitant to post these pics before they got their gift. But, I'm sure they are too busy snuggling with their baby to check my blog! It is supposed to look like a distressed edge butterfly on the shoe. It looks like that, right? Right? Oh dear, I may have stayed up too late these past nights. :)

My Scrapbook Hybrid. I DON'T scrap pictures into albums. I like to scrap into frames so people can actually enjoy my scrapping. This was a "Nocturne" Scrap Kit from Joanns also. Frames bought there too. I love those 40% off coupons.

Thanks for looking! It feels good to get creative again. I'd been just reading other's blogs and decided to get to it.