Sunday, February 1, 2009

More pictures...

You've all been so patient. So here are a few more...
Aubrey in her chair, "cooking with mommy." I give her spoons and she watches me cook. Aubrey and her friend Cameron:
Mmmmm, pistachio ice cream!
"You called for a medic?"
I just can't resist these two...:

Many "firsts" for Aubrey

Aubrey has had a pretty eventful past few weeks. She has four teeth on top and two on the bottom. She crawls and cruises very quickly. She says mama and dada. She brushes her own teeth and plays peek-a-boo to us. She is almost eleven months old. We love her...

Her first Hammock ride:

Learning to ride her Fire Engine without help:

Her first drum set (Ryan and I can't get over her face in this pic):

Solving her first puzzle (she sticks her tongue out for extra concentration):

Her first walk down the Pier:

Her first Pelican encounter:

Her first time getting stuck while exploring (she couldn't figure out how to get down):

Her first cartoon impersonation (using a handy squishy-pillow). No, the car is not in motion!:

That's all for now. Join us soon for many more Aubrey "firsts!"