Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas soon!

We are looking forward to Christmas day! We have had fun at christmas parties, looked at Christmas lights, gone shopping, read Luke 2 to Aubrey , sang in Christmas choirs, bought toys for charities, enjoyed Christmas movies by the light of our tree, and now it's time to slow down before the big day.

Confession time! As our photo Christmas cards were lost by CVS and then reported ready TWICE, I do not have them and will not be taking the time to redo those cards in time for Christmas. So, if you sent us one, sorry that you didn't get a card from us! I always send to those who send to me and I appreciate all the cards we got. Your families are beautiful and the letters are so sweet. Thank you for thinking of us!!!

I am really excited to begin focusing on some things that have gone by the way-side (like this blog) now that Christmas prep is done.

Merry Christmas!!