Thursday, September 24, 2009

Aubrey and potty training...

Aubrey has really been expressing interest in the whole potty thing lately. Although I feel like we are very far away from actually GETTING her to use the potty, I thought I'd role play with her doll.

Her doll got a little potty awhile back and she was practicing putting the baby on the potty. Right before this video was taken, I got the amazing idea to grab some raisins and Ryan grabbed the camera.

Here is what unfolded..

Why we love having a girl!

5. Because watching her put eye shadow on her cheeks is too cute!

4. Because she cordinates her shopping purchases better than I do.

3. Because she's the best mommy to her little dolly.

2. Because a tutu goes with any toy.


1. Because (despite being so stinking sweet and girly) she's not above eating dirt from outside!

We love you Aubrey.