Sunday, March 21, 2010

Insert Clever Lion Joke Here

Last month, Aubrey and I went to the Wild Animal Park in Southern California with my siblings and parents.

Uncle Orrin and Aubrey. Aubrey and her cousin, Lily. They are only 4 months apart and such buddies already.

It's Auntie Beck!

We couldn't take our eyes off the majestic lions. Then a lioness came walking over to our glass wall and started watching us. They are really massive, but Aubrey didn't seem to mind the "big kitties."


Greg and Abbey said...

Wow! What an incredible picture of the Lion! YOu're good! :) How are you doin'? I'm so glad I got your blog address again. I didn't have it anymore, so now you're on our "blog list" so I can keep up with your lives :) HOw are ya? Happy Birthday to Muffin! We miss you guys. Hopefully we can make a trip out this summer! That would be awesome! Kate's sleep pattern has been a little unpredictable since I blogged last. Hopefully she'll get lots of rest tonight.


Where is this wild animal park located in So. Cal?
I saw your post on all the great buys at CVS! Wow. sorry we didn't get to talk the other night! But it was good to see you anyway!

The Zimmermanns said...

Did you know I grew up less than 10 minutes from the Wild Animal Park?? Its true. --Ellie--

Greg and Abbey said...

hey guys, it was SOOOO great to see you! little muffin is SOOOO cute and has gotten so big! :) you guys are an adorable family. we REALLY wish we lived closer to you