Thursday, November 4, 2010


I just timed uploading pictures and typing out this blog post. Before new laptop, I was sitting at least an hour while my sad computer tried to process the few pictures. Then it would quit and I'd be back at square one. That's not even including the blog post I would have written that would also goof up and never make it to the publish stage. So I did what any person with zero patience for continued errors on blogger...I let it sit...

Hooray for a new laptop! Here are some pics of Aubrey's Halloween costume. She was a Ladybug and she loooved her "wings." She had so much fun at her Trunk or Treat party given by her Ward Primary.

Ryan and I were invited to our FIRST grownup Halloween party for the following night and enjoyed once again getting a little creative with our costumes. Yes, those are tattoo sleeves on our arms, not makeup. Soooo much easier to remove and I couldn't wait to see my normal arms again after a few hours. You can only look at Dragons and flames for so long.

We made our first trek to Bishops Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland with Gigi (Ryan's mom). Aubrey was determined to get a green pumpkin. No normal orange one for her! It was a lot of fun and we can't wait to go back next year. Amazing pumpkin pie is served there always gets us back to places.

Speaking of eating, you can definitely tell in the pictures that I'm only about 70 days away from meeting Aubrey's little sister. It's going fast. Thank goodness for Zofran and the ability to eat much more than just popcorn, white bread and cereal (Aubrey's pregnancy). Of course, she was worth every sacrifice! We love her.

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