Thursday, December 9, 2010


Aubrey continues to pick up more and more grownup ways of talking. It is so endearing! Her latest feat is simply saying yes with an mm-hmm noise. Like Uh-huh, but with her lips closed. Apparently we do that a lot around here. :)

"Aubrey, do you want some lunch?" "Mmm-hmm."

Her Fisher-Price nativity set is getting a lot of use this year. She arranges the characters all looking in one direction, usually away from the stable. The sheep has replaced the angel on the top of the stable. Only the sheep is allowed to be up there.

She is captivated by Frosty the Snowman. She loves his movie and anytime she sees a snowman character she exclaims "Fwosty!" She pulls me out of my chair so we can march around the room with the kids in the movie too.

Aubrey also calls Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer movie the "Donkeys" movie. Yes, Aubrey thinks donkeys are pulling santa's sleigh.

As for Amber, I had my 35 week checkup today. Everything is looking right on track. She still can move around quite a bit, though she stays to my right side most of the time. It has been really interesting to notice the difference in movement between her and Aubrey (in utero). I used to get surprised by Aubrey's kicks. She mainly seemed to "protest" me resting a hand on my stomach or daddy trying to feel her kick. She would powerfully kick right at the spot of pressure once or twice and that would be it. I would be sitting at my desk at work, rest my hand on the top of my stomach without really realizing and pow! She'd kick right at it. It was really funny cause I'd jump a little. Ryan and I were amazed at her accuracy and felt like she was showing us her personality right from the start.

Amber is not really like that at all. She seems to move her body around where my hand is resting. Or she seems to just move around on her own, not really reacting to my hands or Aubrey sitting close next to me. She's definately going to be used to more noise than Aubrey was. She'll probably recognize Aubrey's shrill scream right away after she's born. haha!

Only about 36 more days until we get to meet her!


Greg and Abbey said...

How exciting! And how cute about the ummmhummm! I love that! She says yes with attitude! :) I can't believe only 36 days to go!!!

Lindsay said...

SO fun and her picture is adorable!!!

Greg and Abbey said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! We are so disappointed that we didn't get to see you guys and the new baby :( Hope all is well.