Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Ryan turned 33 on July 21st. He decided to work that day (he always takes the girls bdays off). So there was no way we were going to let him just have an average day at work.
That morning, after he left for work, I woke up the girls. Then I threw some clothes on them, grabbed the balloons that were hidden in the house, plus a couple presents and we were off!
Had to stop at the Donut Spot to grab some treats for us and a few more for his great Guards and fellow workers. What's 3 dozen in the scheme of things, right?

We scared the guards a bit (Apparently, a big red stroller filled with donuts and presents is a security threat), but they helped us out by calling him down to the front desk to surprise him. Aubrey got to ride the elevators and share donuts and milk with her Daddy. Amber was chill, as always, just sitting in his lap while he opened some presents.

Happy Birthday, Honey (and Daddy)! You are the best.

P.S. Next year, we'll bring you less Donuts. ;)

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