Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's true...God is good.

Now, I love to read other's blogs. It is so fun that I get caught up and don't update my own. I have come across some amazing women out there who are great examples of christlike living in their home. Many of them are of other denominations, and many LDS. Their testimonys of Heavenly Father's love in their lives really has me thinking.

Although, it feels a little unfamiliar when hearing phrases on the other denomination blogs that I don't normally come across in the LDS culture (such as "God is Good, Praise the Lord," etc as opposed to "I am a daughter of my Heavenly Father," "I feel my Savior's love," etc). I have come to enjoy reading blogs of all our fellow sisters.

I find myself more happier, and looking forward to praying to my Father in Heaven and reading scriptures when I feel so many other women honoring Him with their family blogs. So to all you gals out there, great job! You truly are an example to me and I am learning so much from all of you.

So you are what I am grateful for on this Gratituesday! What is Gratituesday? Click here to find out! You might find another great blog for your blogroll!

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Laura said...

Thanks so much for joining Gratituesday! It is so great to get to know our sisters in this way!