Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Amber is officially 4 months today. Which means there is only 8 months and 1 day until Christmas... :) Easy to keep track now.

I hope your Easter was wonderful. We spent it busy in Church and together as a family at home. It was very peaceful and relaxing.

We really enjoyed the Ruggles Annual Easter Egg Hunt yesterday! It was our 2nd year going. Hard to believe that it was a year ago we were watching Aubrey grab eggs and throw them back on the ground. She didn't understand the "putting them in the basket" part. This year was a bit overwhelming for her, but she eventually filled her basket full.

Amber watched the Egg Hunt in the arms of a friend (Thanks, Kaci!), so Ryan and I could help Aubrey and record it for posterity. That's right, posterity...You better really enjoy all these movies and pictures we're taking cause it takes a lot of effort. Especially when one child refuses to be recorded or photographed most of the time. ;)

Later, sugar meltdown ensued! But, it is so worth it. Kids really only have two days a year to gorge themselves on candy, right? Yep, worth it...

Everything is worth it.


OramHouse said...

she was a joy to hold! Such a perfect little munchkin:) Good job!

Nelson Family said...

Cute pictures.. and cute girls!! At least Aubrey got to eat her candy.. our poor kids have to share most of their candy with us!! :) Miss you guys!

Stuart and Nicole said...

They are both SO stinkin cute!