Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pumpkin Farm

We spent Columbus day together as a family. First we went to a great Indian restaurant and enjoyed their lunch buffet. Ryan and I LOVE indian food. It's just chicken, rice and bread a little spicy and saucy. Everything was amazing (stop making gagging sounds Marc!).

Aubrey chilled in her stoller.

Aubrey cracks up over Ryan's drivers license picture. It was not a flattering one either.
Necessary Mom-in-picture pic.Puppies and elephant all packed and ready to go.I don't know who likes getting out of the car more.
It's amazing the variety of gourds, pumpkins and squash. I loved this display. Different chickens, turkeys and ducks to see.With a random pig thrown in every once in a while. Aubrey knows what a pig says and she made sure we knew too!She stopped... Poor brown pigeon. Forgive me for letting my toddler have at you. It was too cute and my blog needs pictures."Where did that brown feathery tweet-tweet go?" The golden pumpkin has been chosen!..and put back...and chosen!...and put back...Aubrey could never decide. So we left empty-handed. A lot like my clothes-shopping habits. Right, honey!??

It was a good day. I love that sweet face.

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grandma of two cutie pie girls said...

Yep, quite the cutie pie, like her mommy..... I love that you are having this be a tradition. It looks like such a fun place.. You all look so very cute.