Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Uh oh...

Someone in our house has the crafty bug. Many visits to Joanns, late nights with chocolate, an invaded dining room table and a very patient husband and daughter.

Learning to quilt a tabletop runner. Want to make your own? Go here

Just need to finish the binding. I made this in one night! I love the harvest colors, they were a charm pack at Joanns named "Carnival" by Fabric Central. The squares were already cut out. I love quilting. Thanks mom for the great sewing machine! I love it.
Butterfly shoes for a newborn babe. I was hesitant to post these pics before they got their gift. But, I'm sure they are too busy snuggling with their baby to check my blog! It is supposed to look like a distressed edge butterfly on the shoe. It looks like that, right? Right? Oh dear, I may have stayed up too late these past nights. :)

My Scrapbook Hybrid. I DON'T scrap pictures into albums. I like to scrap into frames so people can actually enjoy my scrapping. This was a "Nocturne" Scrap Kit from Joanns also. Frames bought there too. I love those 40% off coupons.

Thanks for looking! It feels good to get creative again. I'd been just reading other's blogs and decided to get to it.


Cadle Clan said...

love it! love the harvest colors and love the pictures. you are so crafty! i am getting the same craft bug- it's nice to have a project!

Levi and Amanda said...

What cute crafts! I love them! Do you have a pattern for the shoes?? I've been working on making baby shoes but I'm still practicing :-)

I love the scrapbook idea-framing them seems like a much better idea and one I may have to borrow!