Friday, October 23, 2009

Singing in the rain

This was about a week or two ago. It was raining and Aubrey was begging me to go "ahside." So outside she went with a couple layers on. She would have played all day out there in the rain. She loved it.

Surprisingly, we got quite a bit of rain coming through the upstairs porch. No neighbors living there now. We like it that way. :)

"Hey, Aubrey. Look this way for a picture!"

"No, over here. Look this way, Aubrey."

*me making crazy sounds to make her look up* "Look at Mommy, Aubrey!" Sigh. Apparently pulling jalapeno peppers off the bushes are more exciting than taking pictures. Don't worry, I took them away from her. Otherwise, what would I feed her for breakfast tomorrow?!

Gotta love her!

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